Awards & recognition

Police Commendations

16th August 1991 Chief Superintendents Commendation
Leadership and Initiative in instituting enquiries as the sole supervisor at the scene of a murder 

8th January 1999 Commanders Commendation
Leadership, Dedication and Unstinting Support as supervisor of Crime Management Unit 

13th June 2003 Commanders Commendation
Leadership, Dedication and Investigative ability in a complex Child Abuse enquiry (Serious Crime Directorate) 

10th October 2003 Commanders Commendation
Professionalism, leadership and Detective ability (Serious Crime Directorate) 

13th November 2008 Commanders Commendation
Conducting a thorough and professional investigation in connection with manslaughter of a young child 

24th April 2009 Commanders Commendation
Professionalism, investigative ability and tenacity in a complex and lengthy investigation (Operation Silistra)

10th March 2011 Commanders Commendation
Professionalism, dedication, Detective ability and tenacity in a complex multiple victims abuse case 

14th May 2013 OCU Commanders Commendation
Professional Investigation, Ability and Dedication (Witchcraft Murder)

17th October 2013 Deputy Commissioner
Metropolitan Police award for Services to Sport

1st April 2014 Central Criminal Court Judges Commendation
‘Witchcraft Murder’

  • Sexual Offence Supervisors Courses  1996, 1998, 2002 
  • Police Sergeants Examination (top 5% Nationally)
  • Child Protection Team Training, Investigator and Supervisors Courses
  • Memorandum of Good Practice Course. Joint Investigation Team Course
  • ABE Achieving Best Evidence – Child Interviewing Course
  • CID Crime Investigation Course 
  • Merlin Child Protection Supervisors Course
  • Advanced Interviewing Course (Tier 3 – Murder)
  • HOLMES (Home Office Large Major Enquiry System) Incident Room Manager 
  • Evidential Review Officer Course 
  • Police Inspector’s National Examination (top 5% Nationally)
  • Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub Course 
  • Social Care Institute of Excellence (SCIE) Serious Case Reviewer Trained
  • Identifying and Preventing Radicalisation Seminar – Home Office 
  • ‘Time to Listen’ Child Protection in Sport Trained
  • NWG – Female-perpetrated child sexual abuse in organisational settings trained, Mind Your Language trained
  • Input to NWG training – Covid impact on safeguarding in sport 
  • Places Information Security
  • Data Protection Officer Registration
  • Safeguarding Adults at Risk Training for Managers and Designated Safeguarding Leads – Ann Craft Trust

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