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Case Management

We specialise in Case Management, investigations, case reviews, risk assessments, policy writing and advice.

KO Child Protection Services provide an industry leading consultancy through consistent and proven services developed to prevent and reduce harm to children.

Services we provide

  • Help and guidance to sporting bodies and Leisure Facility Providers in identifying, and preventing emerging trends of child protection concerns.
  • Policy writing and advice – aspects of our developed policy reflected and adopted by the NSPCC’s Child Protection in Sport Unit. Actively promote emerging good practice and legislative changes effecting Statutory Agencies, tailored to the needs and issues of each sport. 
  • Close liaison with the NSPCC’s Child Protection in Sport Unit, and private Leisure Industry sector leads, to help safeguard thousands of children using sports facilities, by adopting and supporting initiatives and projects to make children safer in sport. 
  • We maintain close links with Local Authority Designated Officers (LADO’s), ensuring profession development around emerging concerns, information sharing, and effective case investigation. 
  • In thinking laterally, knowing sports environments, we are able to prevent abuse by ‘designing out abuse’, whether that be in systems, processes or facilities.  
  • Effective management and investigation of criminal offences against children in sport. 
  • Detailed Risk Assessment of those in a ‘Position of Trust’ who may represent a risk of harm to children, through our developed and tested ‘SportRisk 15’ Risk Assessment tool.
  • ‘Peer on peer’ abuse Risk Assessment Management Plan (RAMP) around ‘lower level’ cases, and guidance for Clubs and clients around using the RAMP, designed and adapted from a well-used education model. 
  • Likely unparalleled experience in giving evidence at Courts, Tribunals, and Appeal Hearings to reinforce the prevention of abuse of children in sport and leisure. 
  • Presentations to a range of varied audiences, ranging, from County Club Welfare Officers to being the UK presenter giving the ‘British History of Child Protection in Sport’ at the launch event of the UK’s Centre for Child Protection & Safeguarding in Sport.  

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