SportRisk 15

SportRisk 15 was designed and developed by KO Child Protection Services. We identified the need to establish a consistent and informed Risk Assessment process to protect children in sport and leisure from those who hold a ‘Position of Trust’ role who may or may not present a risk of harm.

  • Developed, tested and evaluated over a period of 7 years, within a variety of sport National Governing Body cases and the Leisure industry.
  • We assessed the Department for Education led Government Review ‘Systematic Review of Models of Analysing Significant Harm’ (2012 – Barlow, Fisher and Jones – Oxford University) (SRMASH), which studied 11 internationally used tools and 2 audit tools, aiming to measure those tools against a Structured Professional Judgement (SPJ) using Standardised Tools.
  • SportRisk 15 is based on Assessments that looked at the child in a family context. We adopted relevant findings, reviewed Professional Forensic Risk Assessments, the Risk Matrix 2000 (Male Sex and Violent Offender Risk Assessment) and use the best information to compile an appropriate Risk Assessment to look at offender behaviour / history, on an SPJ basis, to formally document and use for a sporting organisation / club situation.
  • We created a 45-point, fact-based risk assessment (SportRisk 15), which uses identified risk factors, allowing a subject to provide full and frank representation (usually by interview), and enabling us to produce a considered numeric and graded outcome which can be used to support a professional view. 
  • Tested through various appeal processes and allows independent, consistent and evidence-based decisions around the risk of harm a subject may pose. 
  • Standard outcomes are score based, whether of sexual or violent concerns, and are graded as Unknown, Low, Medium, High and Very High Risk, identifying trending towards ‘Likelihood’ and ‘Consequence’ probability. 
  • Uses a system which can also allow a governing body to conduct the interview, should they choose to do so, and complete an online ‘SportRisk 15 questionnaire’, using a prepared ‘Guidesheet’, which allows KO Child Protection Services to complete the final assessment. 

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